Deal of the Month #6: From rundown shack to new home tract
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Channel: Deal of The Month     Uploaded: 13-10-08
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 13-10-14     Report Abuse
Ive been to the siminare and seen some videos but im still having a problem with no money. I get your emails.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 16-05-14     Report Abuse
Hi Dean, I always receive your email since I signed up, have not got into it yet, because of life's circumstances...husband, had a stroke 3 years ago and 2 years ago, my 9 year old daughter got kidnapped. We got her back my husband is back to work, but he has to file for bankruptcy as life really hits rock bottom on us recently. Prior to all these, I bought a Real Estate Education stuff from a previous Real Estate husband
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 04-02-14     Report Abuse
Dean, do we need to download a certain program to watch the videos? They are not loading. Please advice.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 16-01-14     Report Abuse
Hey dean it's not working for me in New York , want to take it the south like AZ what you think dean?waiting for my unemployment to come through so I can make the move.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 06-12-13     Report Abuse
Dean me and my brother just started your program and we are getting ready to make deals. i don't know about you but im ready. lol
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 10-10-13     Report Abuse
Hi dean. just to let you know that i feel like iam stuck i cant seem to get the courage to go on with my real estate please help
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 01-09-13     Report Abuse
Hey Dean Thanks again for sharing the Deals of the month very inspirational for me Thanks Again MCDO
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 25-08-13     Report Abuse
I been looking forward to work in real a state investing, but because of high debt in credit card. I couldn't afford your program. Sinserly, Hector Alvarado
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 04-08-13     Report Abuse
Hello everyone,

My husband and I just started with Real estate investing. We went to the event here and edmonton
  Posted by: pipkin     Date: 04-06-13     Report Abuse
Dean I can not view these vids! I would like to
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Did you catch my attempts at clever rhymes in those two headlines? Okay, no one’s ever going to ac...
Did you catch my attempts at clever rhymes in those two headlines? Okay, no one’s ever going to accuse me of being a great poet, but I do know how to spot a great opportunity. This month I’m going to tell you about one of those great opportunities, that was also one of my most unusual projects. A couple years ago I was visiting my home town. I drove by a run down old shack on the side of a hill. It looked abandoned, so I stopped and took a look around. Suddenly, I had an idea. “If I could get this property, I’d do something that would turn this eyesore of a site into a lot that was beautiful and bright. (uh…! There I go with that rhyming again). Watch the video and learn how I took a $30,000 investment and created something could return 1000% increase on my money. By the way, in the video I keep saying “I’m going to make $50,000” which is NOT correct as I’m sure you’ll notice. My profit is much higher. Maybe math isn’t my strong suite either eh…
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